{Flash Steal} General Store Vintage Style Balance Scale



Yes we know how you feel…we are so excited about this distressed vintage style balance scale too! With its perfect balance of beauty and price, it couldn’t be more of a perfect piece!

 Today’s deal is a variation of the two-pan balance scales that used to be used in general stores throughout the country before electronic scales were invented! It truly brings history to life with its distressed metal finish and EXQUISITE architectural details.

 We just love how the pans of this scale move up and down and how each is distressed with an antique finish that magnifies its charm. This piece would look great used for non-traditional storage or even as a prop in vintage inspired photo shoots. This piece would especially look great nesting in an antique inspired kitchen or on display in a utilitarian office space.


Best of all, your budget will stay in balance because we are offering this gorgeous scale at a STEAL!!!  Yup, we know, it’s pretty awesome!



  • {Utilitarian Charm} | General Store Vintage Style Balance Scale
  • Vintage inspired reproduction and distressed metal finish
  • Crafted of metal with an antique finish. NOT an actual scale and meant for decorative purposes only. However, the pans do move up and down :)
  • Dimensions- 12” Wide x 5" Deep x 7” High
  • Packed: One Per Package (You will receive one General Store Vintage Style Balance Scale per package)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days


*What is a Flash Steal? We started our Flash Steals in the 2012 Holiday season but with all your requests we decided to bring them to you year round. We will bring you Secret SURPRISE steals that will pop-up randomly and unexpectedly on our site. These steals could happen once every few days, once a week or once a month! Regardless they will always take your breath away!

We will announce them in a special email so make sure you are signed up here. You really DON'T want to miss out! When you receive the email you have to jump over to the site before the deal is sold out!

So much fun :o)