French Farmhouse


-Beautifully crafted from burlap with stenciled words 
-Plastic lined on the inside
-Dimensions: 11"Diameter x 16" High, 10"Diameter x 12" High, 9"Diameter x 6" High Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive three different burlap buckets)
-A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


Can we get a HALLELUJAH?!  These constantly requested HUGE burlap buckets are B-A-C-K! YEAH, we were finally able to get some more, sorry for the looong wait!


This set is truly incredible: Not only that it's EXTREMELY functional but also, it exudes "vintage-ness". Yep! This is NOT your average unattractive storage solution. The design was inspired by the beauty and artfulness of French prints and the burlap speaks stories to us!


You can use them to store or display anything, no really ANYTHING. Use them to store: toiletries, toys, clothes, produce, towels, magazines, etc... you get the idea... or use them as planters-they have a plastic liner-, or even for recycling... Truly, the ways you can use these buckets are just endless...


P.S: Check out how our Instagram friends are using their buckets: @idreamofhomemaking in photo #2 and @cobbfamfive in photo #3:)