Classic Rustic

Back for those who missed it!!!!

Happy Sunday! Today and for the first time ever, we bring you a door knocker!
We always came across some cool ones but nothing that stood out enough for us to bring to you! Well, until we saw this one! There is something VERY unique about the design. It's rustic yet classic! It's screams farmhouse and elegance at the same time! We are not sure how the designer was able to achieve all these points in such a simple piece! 

Our cast iron door knocker pairs strong, sturdy materials with a classic rustic design to warmly welcome your guests and family. ~Sigh, it will truly elevate your builder grade door into a whole new level!
We love it when we bring you small pieces with huge impact! Just imagine painting your front door in a strong shade of red or blue and adding this! That's a quick weekend project with huge impact!

Especially at this price! YUP! You will not find a door knocker of this quality for such an AMAZING price!

  • Classic Rustic | Ring Cast Iron Door Knocker
  • Vintage Inspired Reproduction.
  • Crafted of cast iron and finished to resemble the real deal.
  • Dimensions: 3.5” Wide x 5.5” High.
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Ring Cast Iron Door Knocker)
  • A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer. Sorry we want to make sure there is enough for everyone
  • Shipped within 10 business days.