{Cottage Gardens} Metal Water Pump Decor


How many times did you wish you could live in a little European cottage that belongs in a fairy tale? And to have that secret garden, filled of flowers and roses everywhere… Sigh~

We bring you this, beyond pretty, distressed water pump. The shape, colors and finish exude charm and warmth making a story in any flower bed.

Yep, you DIDN’T read the price wrong!!! We are selling this LARGE vintage-inspired water pump for $19.50. I know we are awesome, LOL :o)

  • {Cottage Gardens} Metal Water Pump Décor
  • Distressed Metal structure. The movable handle is finished in a red color and the spout is finished in a green color
  • Great for indoor (decorative display) and outdoor (garden decor) uses
  • Dimensions: 9” Wide (without the handle – 17” as shown in photo above) x 6” Deep x 23” High
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one water pump)
  • Due to high demand this deal will ship by 4/27