Perfectly Preserved Moss Balls


-Crafted from a beautiful moss-like material
-Perfect for dough bowls, balancing scales, table scapes, vignettes, and everything else!
-Dimensions options:
A - 3" Moss Ball, Set of 4  $10.99
B - 4" Moss Ball, Set of 4  $11.99  OUT OF STOCK
C - 6" Moss Ball, Set of 2  $12.99 
D - 10" Moss Ball, Set of 2  $18.99
-A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer.
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


Boy oh boy! We LOVE products like these... Super simple items that can totally transform any room! These high quality, beautiful moss balls are a STAPLE for every Farmhouse space! The different size variety gives you endless options of where these beauties can be used!


Open any home decor magazine and you are sure to see these moss balls featured in a beautiful vintage setting. These can literally be placed ANYWHERE and will look AMAZING! Try them on top of your favorite wooden candle pillars at different heights to create a whimsical centerpiece... Buy four or five Moss Balls to fill one of our dough bowls for a pop of color on your kitchen island... Even scatter a number of these throughout your shelving units and accent tables... They're so easy to decorate with!!


Moss Balls are the definition of effortless perfection. For such a low cost, grab a bunch!! ... You won't regret it!