Edison Light Bulbs Set Of 5


Back for those who missed it...



Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes.... We are SUPER excited too!!! One of our MOST POPULAR deals is the the 1910 Squirrel Cage Reproduction Bulb we offered in the past! But we always got requests to bring a bigger variety in shape and wattage!

This deal has been in the works for the loooongest time! We always admired these vintage inspired light bulbs... The only issue was that they are pretty expensive. Well, not today :o)


Today's deal is for FIVE of: Option A - Radio Tube Edison Bulbs or Option B: Edison Torch Spiral Filament Bulbs. The history behind the science and the design to make these bulbs is mesmerizing! Make sure to check out the two patents that made these bulbs a reality. Click  here and here. One by Thomas Edison in 1893 and the other by Franz Skaupy in 1910.

Option A, mimics the vacuum tubes used in classic radios, and has been used in applications that varied from restaurants to film sets. We LOVE the warm amber glow of its multi-loop filament.

Option B, has a spiral wound Tungsten filament rather than the standard carbon filament used in many early light bulbs. Tungsten filaments can be heated to high temperatures without the danger of burning out, allowing this lamp to maintain brighter, longer-lasting light than competitor bulbs. This bulb has been also used anywhere from restaurants and hotels to historical restorations and movie sets!

P.S: We included a vintage light bulb anatomy in photo #3 so you can have a good reference!

Ahhh, the ambiance of these bulbs is to die for! You have probably seen these in cool restaurants before, well today is your chance to get them for an amazing price!

Use these bulbs in any of your open fixtures or simply combine a few with twisted fabric cord in hanging sockets and enjoy the amazing vintage hip look they will bring to your home!


P.S: Option B will work perfectly with our Mason Jar Pendant lights, here :)



  • Edison Light Bulbs, Set Of 5 | Pick Your Style
  • Vintage Inspired Reproduction
  • We are offering them in two different styles and wattage:

Option A: 30W Radio Tube Edison Bulb, Set Of 5 @ $22.50 - LOW STOCK
Option B: 60W Edison Torch Spiral Filament Bulb, Set Of 5 @ $28.50 - SOLD OUT

  • Made of glass. Option A is amber and option B is clear.
  • Option A is 30W and option B is 60W.
  • Both options come in a Medium Brass Base
  • 2.7 years life - 3000 Hours
  • Dimensions- Option A is 1.75" Diameter x 4.3" High . Option B is 2.24" Diameter x 4.25 " High
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive 5  Vintage Bulbs in the style you choose)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within ten business days


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