Customizable Enamel Calligraphy Gift Tags Set Of 6


We wanted today to be something different! Something a little more personal!

So all you faithful "Decor Stealers" are going to love what we have to say today!  Or more accurately, what we're going to help YOU say. We know you are all generous souls that are often purchasing our great steals to give as gifts to people you love. So we wanted to help you make those gifts even MORE special!   How?  Enameled metal gift tags!!  

Honestly, everyone loves to receive a gift but how much more exciting is a present that is accompanied by a very special message?   These Calligraphy Gift Tags are not only beautiful, they are NOT throwaways.  You can write your own personal love note on the back.   The pretty gift tag will be as treasured as the gift!  
Once the occasion has passed, the enameled metal tag can be kept as a pretty memento or an ornament OR…wait for it…… You can wipe the message off the back and use it again (make sure to use an erasable pen)!!  Super cool, right?!!

We know you have lots of reasons to give thoughtful gifts so we chose some messages that will cover lots of occasions:  Birthday, anniversary, weddings, promotions, graduations, new home, engagement, new baby, I love you, or  even “just because.”

You have three enameled metal tag designs to choose from, one with each beautifully scripted message:  Best Of Luck, Well Done & Be Mine.




  • Customizable Enamel Calligraphy Gift Tags, Set Of 6 | Pick Your Words
  • $5 shipping for the first set and $2 for each additional
  • Crafted from Ivory White Enamel Metal and black ribbon. With Calligraphy on one side.
  • Can be written on with felt pen
  • Dimensions - Each Tag: 3" Wide x 2.5" High
  • Options:

A- 6 Enamel Best Of Luck Gift Tags $9.95
B- 6 Enamel Be Mine Tags $9.95
C- 6 Enamel Well Done Gift Tags $9.95
D- One Set Of each $23.95

  • A maximum quantity of 8 sets is allowed per customer
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (For option A, B and C you will receive 6 tags in the style you choose. For option D you will receive 3 sets, a set of each of the styles)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days