Field Cut


Back for those who missed it!!!

You know those days that come around just once every year... the days you wait for so expectantly?  Like your Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...  Well, today is another one of those days because IT IS FINALLY LAVENDER DAY AT DÉCOR STEALS!!! We ONLY bring our lavender directly after harvest season which, depending on the weather, can be anytime in July or August!


These very fragrant lavender bunches come to us from Southern California. They were naturally (no chemicals whatsoever) grown, harvested and dried with love and care. Our bunches are not the average 75 stems with no-fragrance bunches. Our bunches average about 150-200 stems and were just harvested in the last few weeks. They will sure fill your rooms with an unbelievably enticing aroma!

We wish you were with us, to hear how proud the grower was while explaining to us all about lavender. And the different types, methods of growing and methods of harvesting. Oh and how all these variables and A LOT of love and patience come together to deliver these beauties. You could feel the love in his voice! You know... this just made this deal that MUCH more special and dear to our hearts!

Needless to say: Nothing makes your home more romantic than lavender! ~Sigh

And to sweeten the deal, we held our shipping at $5 for the first set and $2 for each additional set!


P.S: Make sure to see all the photos we got you directly from the grower


  • {Field Cut} Dried French Lavender Bunch, Set Of 3
  • Dried Grosso Lavender from the valleys of California
  • $5 shipping for the first set and $2 for each additional
  • Banded right out of the field
  • Enticing fragrance ideal for gifting, decor, crafting, aromatherapy, and essential oils - Seriously enticing! 
  • Dimensions: 16"-22" Tall. About 200 stems a bunch
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (You will receive 3 Dried French Lavender Bunches)
  • A maximum quantity of 6 sets (18 bunches) is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days