Flash Steal




This beautiful little riser takes us back to the farmer's markets, where similar stands were used to help showcase produce… These risers add that missing touch of farm country beauty to any of your rooms… 

They are built of reclaimed wood. The grain and the natural look add precious details and character. Whether you use them to add height to your vignettes, to create an amazing buffet or desert table or simply as plant stands... They will sure make a statement! Ahhhhh.... this will make a perfect display riser!


BUT wait, it gets better: With every riser purchase we decided to include a FREE (yes FREE) Blackboard sign :) YUP! It's super cool like that - Yaaaay



  • Flash Steal | *LARGE* Wooden Display Riser With A little Gift
  • Vintage Inspired Reproduction
  • Yup! It's cool like that: with every riser purchase you will receive a FREE Blackboard Sign
  • The riser is crafted from distressed wood and the Blackboard Sign is crafted from metal with a blackboard surface
  • Dimensions - Riser: 14" Wide x 14" Deep x 8" High.  Blackboard Sign: 4" Wide x 3" High
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive one riser and one Blackboard Sign) 
  • A maximum quantity of 8 sets is allowed per customer. Sorry we need to make sure we have enough for everyone
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days



*What is a Flash Steal? We started our Flash Steals this past Holiday season but with all your requests we decided to bring them to you year round. We will bring you Secret SURPRISE steals that will pop-up randomly and unexpectedly on our site. These steals could happen once every few days, once a week or once a month! Regardless they will always take your breath away!


We will announce them in a special email so make sure you are signed up here. You really DON'T want to miss out! When you receive the email you have to jump over to the site before the deal is sold out!

So much fun :o)