Framed Bird Portraits Set of 4


-Beautifully crafted from distressed wood frames and vintage-inspired prints
-Dimensions each: 6.5" Wide x 1" Deep x 9" High
-Packaged : Four Per Package (you will receive a set of four Framed Bird Portraits of all the same size)
-A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


Here, at Decor Steals, we might have snagged a couple decor ideas from our grandmother's house that we think you will absolutely LOVE!


When we were younger, we ALL had a grandmother who had a bird portrait of some kind hanging in her house, even if it was wallpaper! (Yes, imagine an entire room from floor to ceiling covered in birds!) Our love of birds may not be AS extreme as grandma's was, but we certainly do ADORE their timeless beauty! Which is why we are SO excited to bring these Framed Bird Portraits to you!


These vintage inspired bird portraits come in a set of 4 that you can hang in your bathroom, dining room, or living room. Add them to your gallery wall or overlap them and rest them against your mantle! These portraits will be sure to add an old eclectic feel to ANY room you decide to hang them in.