Galvanized Lockable Storage Box


Okay, so we know how organizing can be SUCH a struggle and finding beautiful pieces that gets the job done is a joke, right!?  Well, YOU won’t have to fight any longer because today we are bringing you this beautiful and functional galvanized box!


We get such a kick out of offering you beautiful YET functional pieces! We LOVE the see-through front to let you know, at a glance, whats inside, the ability to lock AND the farmhouse galvanized detail! They give your home a warm, vintage appeal. What’s simply incredible about this galvanized metal box is that it has sooooo many uses!


  • Craft supplies can find the perfect home in this box; store them in mason jars and keep your rolls of ribbon all in one place!
  • Sewing supplies - This will sure make the PERFECT sewing box
  • Store your little treasures and lock them away for safe keeping
  • Create a lovely seasonal setting with candles, pine cones, branches, flowers, perfect for whatever the time of year it is :)
  • There’s space in this box for all your makeup, jewelry and pretty things!
  • Store your kitchen small necessities... Hmmm, maybe those K-cups!
  • OR how about a place for your beautiful stationary– now you can store it away AND show it off at the same time!


It’s crazy how versatile these are! We just can’t wait to hear all the inspiration we get from your ideas too!! 




  • Galvanized Lockable Storage Box | Vintage Farmhouse
  • Distressed metal with an amazing antique finish and beautiful character.
  • Finished with a lockable latch and front glass panel.
  • Dimensions: 12” Wide x 8" Deep x 7” High
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Galvanized Sewing Box)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!