Handcrafted Dough Bowls Set of 2


-Vintage inspired reproduction dough bowl
-Handcrafted of solid wood with tons of carving marks to resemble the real deal
-Some may have small cracks since they are made of natural wood
-Dimensions may vary +/-2" but average: 9.5” Long x 6” Wide 

-Packed: One Set Per Package (You will receive two Handmade Dough Bowls)
-A maximum quantity of 4 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!



YES! YES! YES!! We really have an addiction to vintage dough bowls! We firmly believe that your farmhouse won't be complete without one! (or two in this case)! We went to the drawing board trying to find the best wood, best workmanship, most amazing authentic look and after many many days and a couple sleepless nights we found these AHHMAZING dough bowls, of course with one additional major goal: an unbeatable price!

We know how much you ADORE beautiful pieces with rich history!! For generations, families in Europe used similar dough bowls to mix and prepare the dough for their daily bread. Our solid wood dough bowl is a beautiful reproduction of these early 19th century European dough bowls that were so essential in everyday life. We are LOVING this set, they are the PERFECT size... and what's better than one dough bowl?! TWO! ...A set of two dough bowls at an UNHEARD of low price... We are overjoyed!

This might not be an original but with its solid wood (seriously it was carved from a solid block of wood!), handmade process and authentic color, it is almost identical to the vintage ones! 

Look around and we challenge you to find anything of this caliber (quality, design and size) for even double our price! Of course remember to add shipping so you are comparing apples to apples!

PS - Check out how our friends @homestead_on_lexington , Tricia Bodner, Tracie Levin,  Frances Wall, Alla Ryan and Brandi Rosamond used their dough bowls in the photos above!