Handmade Ruffled Bed Skirt Pick Your Size


-Made of high quality polished cream/off-white cotton that hangs nicely (not cheap material and not see through)
-Custom made to order in the USA
-Fitted with an elastic band for easy installation (no need to move mattress). Elastic wraps around box spring

-Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low/no heat 
-Adjustable height from 14" - 20", overall height is 15", 4" ruffle and 11" body of the skirt
-Split corners to allow opening for bed frame
-Options: A-Twin/Extra-Large Twin $49.99 
                 B-Full/Queen $54.99 - SOLD OUT
                 C-King/California King $59.99 - SOLD OUT
-Shipping Date: Remember these bed skirts are custom made for you! It will take a week to make them and then another week for us to get them! Leaves our warehouse within 20 business days.


*** With the SUPER popular demand, we were able to bring back more!! ****


YES YES YES!! We are SUPER excited about today's deal! Not only because it's a Decor Steals exclusive and it's handmade in the USA, BUT it's also something we have wanted to bring you for a very long time! Drum roll please.....We are bringing you these Pleated Adjustable Ruffle Feed Sack Bed Skirts to beautify your bedroom!!! 


Our designer wanted bed skirts for her house so she went out and bought a few cheap options that were offered online to test them out and was VERY disappointed! Not only were they flimsy and thin, but they were just overall not designed to be functional for cleaning and hung weird. SOOO...That's when she decided to accept the challenge and went on a bed skirt HUNT! She searched for good quality bed skirts only to find that ALL the great quality ones were over $140!! (ouch!!) We Decor Stealers DO NOT pay that much! 


You know how we love challenges around here, right? Well, These babies are:

-Made of the highest quality cotton, right here in the USA!
-Attached with an elastic band around the boxspring, no need to move that heavy mattress!
-Easily removable for cleaning and adjustments!
-Priced so good, we were even SHOCKED!
-Adjustable height with split corners to allow opening for bed frame!
-But if you also the corner lays over the other so nicely that if you don't have posts you can hardly tell the corners are split!  


Check out our video below!! The maker helps explain how to fit them to any bed and explains more in depth their care and the quality of these skirts! Click here


A lot of love, thought and patience went into designing these "Decor Steals" exclusive bed skirts... Both the makers and we wanted something clever, special, graceful and elegant... We thoroughly thought about all of the scenarios that you could use these bed skits in and meticulously altered the design, added corner slits for beds with posts, the length and material until we were super happy with this creative and versatile structured outcome... 


Today is the day we can announce another BIG WIN for all you faithful stealers! Yep! Wait for it: custom made, liberating design, off white heavy weight polished cotton, designed and tailored in the US AND in three different sizes for EVERY bed…. for a true STEAL! It’s almost too good to be true! Just saying ;)