Wooden Kitchen Conversion Chart with Measuring Spoons


-Beautifully crafted of wood with 8 measuring spoons
-Comes ready to hang!
-Dimensions: 16" W x 3" Thick x 27.5" H
-Packed: One per package (you will receive one Wood Conversion Chart WITH Measuring Spoons!)
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days!


Good Morning, Stealers! No, seriously it's a GOOD morning! We are just IN LOVE with today's steal! Perfect for those industrial sign lovers and all you bakers!


Now we know you have all been there! You are fully prepared to bake, pulled out all the necessary ingredients, and pre-heated your oven! You are feeling amazing at how well prepped you are so you start to bake. Hands are messy and love is just pouring into your recipe! But wait how many fluid ounces are in a cup again?! And why do these recipes always get complicated just as your hands get messy?! Now usually you'd stop, wash your hands, and pick up your phone in order to find out the right conversation. And even when you finally figure out the conversion you are missing the one measuring cup you need and don't even get us started on those disappearing measuring spoons! 


But FINALLY the perfect solution and farmhouse inspired, SWOON! This distressed conversion chart is a DREAM! Place it in your kitchen to fill that blank space that has been calling out for some love and next time you're cooking use it to keep the love pouring on into your recipe! PRETTY and FUNCTIONAL! And yes it does come with BOTH the measuring cups and the measuring spoons!


And for that price?! Seriously, could this be a better deal?!