Farmer's Market Decorative Tray with Mesh Topper


-Beautifully crafted from wood and metal
-Includes metal mesh topper
-Dimensions: 20" Long x 12" Wide x 3" High
-Packed: One per package (you will receive one Large Farmers Market Decor Tray)
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!



Our Large Farmer's Market Decorative Tray WITH mesh topper LITERALLY defines the term "beauty meets function" which is THE hardest thing to EVER find in the world of home decor! This tray is SO versatile and multi-functional making it perfect to use as simple home decor or as actual trays for ANY kind of event!


Take advantage of this trays functionality and place it in your kitchen to store freshly baked goods like bread, muffins, pies, or pastries! The tray comes with a metal top that will keep flies out of your food while they are cooling off! It's also great to take outside for family BBQ's! Just store the hot dog and hamburger buns in there to keep them fresh and bug-free! If you just love the tray and don't always need a metal top, simply use the tray as a centerpiece on your kitchen island or coffee table! Fill it with veggies and fruits or flowers and candles! 


The decor possibilities are truly ENDLESS and we would love for you to really get creative with this tray! We knew you would love it just as much, if not MORE than we do! So send us pictures of the unique ways you decide to use this versatile piece!