Classic Elegance / Large Natural Preserved Hydrangeas


For those who requested for this deal to be extended... Your wish is our command :)



OH MY, we just don’t know how to approach this one!  Our excitement about it makes us want to SHOUT and JUMP up and down and WAVE our arms to get your attention but that seems so contrary to the quiet elegance that this steal exudes.   What should we DO?!!!


We’ll just do what we do best…offer you this absolutely amazing, beautiful steal. 


They LOOk real and FEEL real because these hydrangeas ARE REAL!  No, they are not dried.  They are not going to crumble and fall apart or discolor in a few weeks.   These beauties are sustainable, and will last many, many years. 


The special preservation process captures all the colors and textures of these flowers when they are at their peak so they look fresh for eternity. Don’t you wish WE could continue to look our very best day after day into eternity? Ahhhhh...


Rejoice as they require no maintenance water, sun or soil! Even a snoopy friend who touches it, will be fooled.


Hint: this would look fabulous on a fireplace mantel or make a stunning centerpiece grouped on your dining table under a gorgeous chandelier.   Planning a wedding?  Group these on risers, under hurricanes and save your florist the trouble!  Take it to your gloomy, dark office to bring nature in and scare the shadows away. Hmmm, They will also be PERFECT in a white Christmas setting! 



  • Classic Elegance | LARGE Natural Preserved Hydrangeas
  • Crafted from natural preserved white Hydrangeas and come in a beautiful gray seeding pot
  • Dimensions8” Diameter, 10” High - that's really large!
  • A maximum quantity of 6 is allowed per customer. Sorry, these are hand-made and very difficult to get in high QTY.
  • Packed: One Per Package (You will receive one pot with Natural Preserved Hydrangeas in it)
  • Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas