*Large* Reclaimed Wood Eat Sign


-Beautifully crafted with distressed wood
-Features hardware on the back for easy hanging 

-Dimensions vary but average: 14" Wide x 19" High Each (Yeah they are HUGE!!)
-Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one E, one A and one T wood letter)
-A maximum quantity of 4 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


Woohoo!!! We are thrilled beyond thrilled to bring you this AHHmazing steal!! We've offered it up before and boy were we shocked/excited when these sold out in no time! This EAT sign spelled out in reclaimed wood makes a welcoming statement in a kitchen or dining room! This whimsical piece is filled with rustic charm and a hometown feel!


The SUPER cool thing about this sign is the letters are separate so you can use this a ton of different ways!! Use vertically, horizontally or even stagger for a unique sized wall art! Space them out to cover a larger space or keep them close for a tighter spot! 


Who doesn’t like a fun accent piece...but for that price, we’d have to say it’s more like LOVE! We know we were shocked as well!! :)


P.S. Not only can you spell EAT, but you can spell TEA, ATE, ETA and they may even work as initials for some! 


Check out how our talented friends used their signs!! :) @homeonhunter and @jennhagfeldt (Photo #2) , @lindeverlane (Photo #3) , @lschoen14 and @rustyruffles (Photo #4) , @modern_sierra_farmhouse (Photo #5) , @ourwoodforesthome and @modern_sierra_farmhouse (Photo #6) Jordan Warwick (Photo #7) Dana Hills and  @southernmarketdesigns (Photo #8) Jaime Webster and Kelle Bryant Lambert (Photo #9) Lisa Pasquinelli Romero and Holly Clifton (Photo #10) Liz LovestheColts Sherman and Mary Jo Caserta (Photo #11) Megan Bowgren Crowley and Lindsey Duhon (Photo #12) Rebecka Goodrow (Photo #13) Wanda Shelton (Photo #14)