Bakers Twine Spools Set Of 3


Back for those who missed it!!!



Oh man!  We just love it when we are able to bring you a HUGE deal with this much history! Bakers Twine is just part of the American and European past! Traditionally baker’s twine has been used everywhere in places like Bakeries, pastry shops, grocery stores, butchers and even the post office.  Since then, bakers twine has taken on a whole new identity! Yes, it's now a staple in any vintage or Farmhouse inspired craft project! And knowing that it's big in wrapping we worked it out so we can ship it out fast (see details below)!


Simplicity and beauty come together in today's deal! You can do like a 1000000 things with this! Oh and trust us this is NOT your average bakers twine! The colors are just to die for! That historic dark red and amazing saturated blue... ah wait until you see that charcoal brown! And yes you read the price right: $14.50 for 720 yards of amazing twine! How can this be any better???


We can just go on and on talking about ways to put these to use! Add a green branch from your back yard with some of this twine over craft paper to wrap the most thoughtful gift! Or use it in your kitchen or to create art work on your walls! Make twine wreaths or garlands! Tie tags or ornaments! Every house should have baker's twine! :) Check out our Pinterest board for some new, simple and beautiful uses for it!

Those of you that have been with us for a while will remember that we have offered lots of twine holders in the past but this is the first time we’ve offered the twine separately.  Now you have refills and at 720 yards a set (240 yards a spool), that’s a lot of twine to have fun with!  We can’t wait to hear how you’ll use it!




  • Bakers Twine Spools, Set Of 3 | Pick Your Color
  • High quality Bakers Twine in the most beautiful colors
  • $5 shipping for the first one and $2 for each additional
  • Options:

A-Three Large Blue and White Spools
B-Three Large Red and White Spools - SOLD OUT
C-Three Large Brown and White Spools - It's such a dark and beautiful brown
D-Three Large Spools, one of each Color - SOLD OUT

  • Dimensions: Each spool is 240 Yards and measures 2” Diameter x 4”High. Each set contains 3 spools, that's 720 Yards for $14.50
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive 3 spools in the colors you chose)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse on or before 12/11 - Guaranteed delivery before Christmas.


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