Large Letter Wall Shelf Pick Your Letters


Yep, we were able to bring a few more for those who missed it!

Give us an “M”!
Give us an “O”!
Give us an “R”
Give us an “E”
What do you get? “More!” Say it again? “MORE!”   That’s exactly what you will be shouting when you see today’s steal!!!   These crazy cool letters have us literally CHEERING with excitement!!!

Check them out!  These babies are functional, funky, rustic and HUGE!  Each heavy gauge galvanized metal letter is a whopping 18” tall and 4” deep with lots of interior shelves built in to fill with all kinds of cool stuff.   Each letter will hang on the wall and most can sit on a counter or shelf.   Set items in them, on them, or even use magnets to stick things to them.  

Pick one letter or combine a few to make words like:  HOME, DREAM, HERO, ADORE, MOM, DAD, DEAR, READ or even DORM!

These letters will make perfect stations in lots of rooms for tons of purposes:
• In the kitchen to hold mason jars or little baskets filled with candy, tea supplies or spices.
• In the bathroom to hold make up, pretty soaps & TP.
• In the kid’s room to contain special stashes of little toys, books & dolls - Or a nursery?!
• In your room over the bed as a super cool headboard (perfect spot to spell out dream!)

• In your office or crafts room filled with supplies, mason jars and ribbons!
• On the side of the potting shed to safely hold small plants or even seed cakes for the birds!

We could go on and on and on but you get the idea! These letters are just the PERFECT candy, coffee, cocoa, mail, crafts, sewing stations!
Now it’s time to put your thinking caps on and pick your letters!   These beauties are available in the following letters:    A, D, E, H, M, O, R.  Combine our metal letters with wood, wire or even ceramic letters to create more words!  Combine letter styles, materials, sizes & textures and make it unforgettable.




  • Large Letter Wall Shelf, Pick Your Letters (A, D, E, H, M, O, R)
  • Industrial Inspired Reproduction.
  • Crafted of heavy gage rusted galvanized metal
  • Dimensions:
    A Large Wall Shelf    $36.50     16.5X4X18 - SOLD OUT
    D Large Wall Shelf    $36.50     14.5X4X18 - SOLD OUT
    E Large Wall Shelf    $36.50     11.25X4X18
    H Large Wall Shelf    $36.50     14X4X18 - SOLD OUT
    M Large Wall Shelf    $44.50     18.25X4X18.25 - SOLD OUT
    O Large Wall Shelf    $38.50     18X4X18 - SOLD OUT
    R Large Wall Shelf    $36.50     14.5X4X18 - SOLD OUT
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one large letter wall shelf)
  • A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer. Sorry we want to make sure there is enough for everyone
  • Leaves our warehouse within 15 business days.