Vintage Feedsack Inspirations


If you have been with us for a while you probably know by now that we have a thing for pieces with history, pieces that bring moments from the past back to life!

This 20" LARGE pillow will sure bring you such a beautiful story and will add the perfect cozy touch in your home, cabin by the lake, or cozy little apartment.  Sigh…

You probably also know that we can't resist anything grain or feed sack inspired! So naturally our jaws dropped when we saw a sample of this pillow! Hold on it gets better, when we researched the design behind this our hearts were captured. The graphics and material of this pillow are inspired by Larrowe Milling company original feedsacks (photo 7)... The story this pillow evokes is part of the American history that we should all know! Here is what we learned:

The Larrowe Milling Company was established in Detroit, in 1910, and was sold to General Mills, Inc. in 1938, when it became the Larrowe Division of General Mills, Inc * - YUP! The same General Mills you know today!

The company was known for their high quality beet pulp which at the time was the main ingredient of animal feed. Farmers would mix it with other ingredients to feed their animals. The dealers and salesmen of Larrowe were trained to teach farmers how to come up with the perfect mix to feed each breed. After years of wide success the company faced some serious issues when lower quality and more affordable beet pulp was introduced to the market. This is when they decided to offer the final product? That's when the different kind of feeds, stored in labeled feedsacks we see today was born. The company's success was great but again imitation haunted them down. To stand out from imitations, they started changing the design of their feed sacks. Which is one of the reasons why we see several different designs for the same type of feed. Please see photos: 7 & 10.



  • Vintage Feedsack Inspirations | HUGE Mash Feed Pillow
  • High quality linen, woven to have the look and feel of laundered, vintage feedsacks
  • Filling made of 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • The pillow arrives in an air tight vacuumed bag. It will immediately fluff once the bag is cut open
  • Dimensions: 20” Wide x 20”High
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Mash Feed Pillow)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within Fifteen business days



*Archive Grid

**Flour & Feed

Photo credits:
The Cohocton Mill's Photos
Rick Rack
Minnesota Historical Society


**Photo #10 (source) represents a flyer sent to the Larrowe dealers in 1922 and here is what is written under the photo:

"Because of widespread imitations of the former Larro sack the new distinctive sack shown above has been adopted This new sack design safeguards Larro users against the possibility of deception by the substitution of imitations and protects Larro dealers against the competition of the inferior feeds sold in this way Larro buyers will henceforth look for the sack with big blue bars and red Larros This new Larro sack design is fully protected under the trade mark laws of the United States But please note that only the sack design has been changed Larro remains the same It retains all the remarkable qualities which have thoroughly established it as a most profitable ration for dairy cows Dealers in open territories may secure full details of the Larro Agency proposition on request You will be interested in our new publication for the dealer in mixed feeds The Larro Dealer If you are not receiving copies send us your name"