Mason Glass Canisters with Chalkboard Fronts Set Of 3


Back for those who missed this beauty this week!!!!


10 o'clock couldn't come fast enough this morning! We are so overjoyed to be able to bring you these Vintage Inspired Mason Glass Canister jars WITH chalkboard fronts!!! Swooning with vintage charm and endless possibilities, this set is simply priceless! And priceless is close to what we’re selling it for ;)


These Glass Mason Jar canisters will add a timeless piece of American history to your table settings or kitchen counters. They were molded after the mason jars of the late-19th century. With their beautiful thick glass, stamped embossed lettering and airtight lids... They just speaks stories to us! They whisper out things like “vintage!” “Home!” and “beauty!” What could be better than that? They are the perfect addition to your kitchen but they are pretty portable so feel free to carry them with you to any room in the house… You could also think outside the box and store other things in them! Such as craft supplies and office supplies! Just saying :)


Ok we can’t wait anymore, here are some of our fun ideas for showing off our canisters :D


  • Use these in the kitchen to store flour and other dry ingredients to keep them fresh and mess free (oh those paper bags of flour, right!?)
  • Create a home for a terrarium! And since they’re closable, you can also store little herb plants to keep them safe from little paws ;)
  • We just LOVE the beach scapes we’ve seen! Fill these with sand and shells for a lovely escape right at home!
  • And one of our favorites is actually unexpected: the laundry room! Instead of using that commercial packaging, make laundry detergent powder and dryer sheets actually look pleasing in these glass canisters!
  • Of course, you could always just fill them up with goodies to make dessert time even more enticing ;)


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  • Mason Glass Canisters with Chalkboard Fronts, Set Of 3 | Farmhouse Vintage
  • The Jars are crafted from thick glass and embossed with: Quality - Glassware EST 1876. The lids are airtight.
  • Food Safe
  • Dimensions- Large: 54oz - 5" Diameter x 8" High. Medium: 43oz - 4.5" Diameter x 7.5" High. Small: 34oz - 4.25" Diameter x 7" High.
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive one large, one medium and one small Mason Canister jars with chalkboard fronts & lids)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


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