Farmhouse Vintage


-Vintage Inspired Reproduction Mason Jars accessories
-Crafted from metal that is curved and sized to fit perfectly in a quart Mason Jar.
-Dimensions - each: 3" Wide x 6” High
-Shipping is $5 for the first set and only $2.95 more for each additional set.
-Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive FOUR identical Mason Jar Tea Light Candle Holders)
-Candles and Mason Jars are NOT included.
-A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within 15 business days


Yes!!! Yes!!!  Yes!!! We know how much you LOVE Mason Jars!!!!   We are SUPER excited to be able to bring you more Mason Jar Ideas especially after: 1. We asked in October of 2013 and you cast 434 votes for these one-of-a-kind Mason Jar Tea Light Candle Holders AND 2. when we offered it in April for the first time and were wiped out in a couple of hours!!! Well the shipment is FINALLY here! 


Nothing, we repeat NOTHING, is more romantic than votive candles in mason jars! Just imagine the possibilities! Imagine the most amazing center pieces, romantically lit paths, your mantel or even your fire place filled with these! Hmmm, you can even get scented tea lights or citronella ones for the outdoors!


Mason jars on their own suggest history and charm so we are ALWAYS on the hunt to find unique and special ways to put them to use. Well, enough said; mixing mason jars with tea light candles just can't be more unique and intimate. AND to make this sweet deal even sweeter we held our shipping at $5 for the first set and only $2.95 more for each additional set.