Metal Candle Wings Pair


Back for those who missed it!!!!

Oh man!   We are getting light headed here!  Everyone is simply swooning over these precious angel wings!   We know how you all LOVE angels and won't be able to resist adding a touch of the divine to more corners of your home!

Dreamy, romantic visions will flutter freely with these sweet adornments.   We just can't think of a better way to transform your boring pillar candles into angelic beauties!   Thankfully they won't really fly so your home is safe.  ;)

Don't pull your head out of the clouds yet....IT GETS BETTER!   Not only are they amazing ... they come in 2 sizes and .....wait for it........shipping is just $5 whether you order 1 set or 6 sets!  How dreamy is that?!!!  Yeah, we know, our halos are glowing.   

Pick from two sizes:   Small - each wing: 2.5" Wide x 4" Tall @ $8.50  OR Large - each wing: 3.5" Wide x 6" Tall @ $12.50

These galvanized tin angel wings are originally manufactured as candle wings. They have strong pins on each wing to press into  your candle for an angelic presentation.
But get this!  All you crafty types and doll makers can use these wings on  dolls, in mixed media projects, santos statues, on the back of a picture frame, or any other art displays!  Let your imagination take wing!  We can't wait to see what you come up with!  Please be sure to share your ideas!!

*Note - wings are hand finished, and the pins are not symmetrical in pairs. Pin location and angle may vary slightly. This is not an issue with candles, but should be taken in to consideration when using in crafts & doll making. Since they are hand finished, the patina may vary from one pair to another. For example, some may be more oxidized than others.




  • Metal Candle Wings Pair | Pick Your Size
  • Crafted from galvanized stamped metal sheets
  • Dimensions:

Small - each wing: 2.5" Wide x 4" Tall @ $8.50
Large - each wing: 3.5" Wide x 6" Tall @ $12.50 - LOW STOCK

  • $5 Shipping for 1 or 6 sets
  • A maximum quantity of 6 sets per size per customer is allowed . Sorry we want to make sure we have enough for everyone :o)
  • Packed: One pair Per Package (You will receive one left and one right wings in the size of your choice)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days