We are so proud to bring the new and improved Decor Steals to you! This launch has been many many months of hard work and dedication to ensure it meets your standards. Yes YOU! We are making Decor Steals the best it can possibly be for you, our customer! Read below to see just how much better everything is!



Did someone say three DAILY STEALS?! Yeh, that's right folks, instead of one steal a day we are multiplying the fun by 3! Expect all 3 steals to come in one awesomely packaged email per day at 10am EST, as usual.
You'll also notice our product images are bigger and better than ever! We were proud of our photos before, but we are super stoked about them now! And we hope you are too!
Don't be shy! Let us know how you are liking things on our Instagram page :)


We are putting you in the forefront! We are now featuring finds inspired by our customer {you!} and blogger friends right on the best spot on the site... our homepage. Check this area out for inspiration from real vintage farmhouse lovers just like yourself.


We've been hiding for waaay too long! It's time for you to meet us... all of us, in all of our decor stealing awesomeness! 

There's More!}

Please allow us to elaborate on the miscellaneous upgrades that you'll enjoy!  

    • You can now track your order right on our site without any need for a tracking number. Just enter your order number and email, and you're on your way!
    • Logging in is easier than ever with our one-click facebook login button #boom
    • Our Contact Us page got a complete overhall allowing you to choose your area of concern, upload photos if needed, and much more. All so we can help you better!
    • Our Checkout process is much faster. One page -  3 quick steps - and you're done!
    • And we certainly saved the best for last! Our site is fiinnnnaaaallly mobile responsive! If you're on your phone now tell us! HOW'D WE DO? We really put extra time and effort ensuring each and every page was easy to view and navigate on smaller screens.

Thanks for taking time to read through our upgrade details! And a much bigger thanks to you for being a valued member of our Decor Steals family!
**air hug**

~ L♥ve Decor Steals!

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