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Melissa Troupe

Director of Marketing

"Ambassador of Buzzz"


  • Where do you live?
    Sunny South Florida, born and raised
  • What you love doing outside of work?
    My daily wind-down includes a grande iced white mocha and a good show. (it's the little things) But my fav pastime is definitely dancing. I used to dance professionally and still love to move every chance I get.
  • What's your role at Decor Steals?
  • I am the "curator" of growth. I keep my eye on every tactic we can capitalize on to really share our passion and expand our brand.
  • How would you describe your style?
    I'm a mix between traditional and contemporary. I really like a warm and cozy home with a sharp appeal.
  • What's your fav Decor Steals product?
  • I'm a huuuge fan of the cotton stem bouquets and wreaths.
  • Favorite Style Sources
    Pinterest is my go-to for fashion, home decor, recipes, and diy's