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Samantha Conner

Ecommerce Manager
(Bits of Vintage)

"Bits of Vintage OPs Maestro"


  • Where do you live?
    Good ole' Sunny South Florida
  • What you love doing outside of work?
    I love travelling. I travel alot with my husband John, and my daughter, Zoe. I'm a family girl so moments with them are the ones I cherish most. 

  • What's your role at Decor Steals?
    As the founder and CEO I'm the "idea maven" so I develop my overall strategy with the help of my team. We all work together to set the plan into action.
  • How would you describe your style?
    It's a mix of some French, cottage, European, vintage and farmhouse.
  • What's your fav Decor Steals product?
    It's almost impossible to pick ONE, but...if I must... our huge wooden angel wings (link to lightbox image)! If I have those in my life nothing else matters.
  • Favorite Style Sources
    Country Living Magazine, Pinterest (for style tips and everything else)