Yasmin Mitchell

Founder & CEO



    • Where do you live?
      We moved from Pennsylvania in 2012, and currently live in sunny South Florida.

    • Most memorable moment.
    • I remember my first "large" inventory purchase was when John and I purchased $700 worth of farmhouse decor at a cash and cary show. I remember being so nervous that I wouldn't be able to sell any of it! 
  • What you love doing outside of work?
    I love travelling. I travel a lot with my husband John, and my daughter, Zoe. I'm a family girl so moments with them are the ones I cherish most. 

  • What's your role at Decor Steals?
    As the founder and CEO I'm the "idea maven" so I develop the overall strategy with the help of my team. Then they run with it to set it into action. They are all ridiculously awesome in their area of expertise, so it makes it easy for all of us to really enjoy what we do here! 
  • How would you describe your style?
    It's primarily industrial farmhouse with a mix of French cottage, Vintage and European, sprinkled in.
  • What's your fav Decor Steals product?
    It's almost impossible to pick ONE, but if I must... it would be our olive buckets. We source those directly from Turkish farms, so each bucket tells it's own story. I repurpose them for storage and organization but their original use for olive pressing brings such value to each one. 
  • Favorite Style Sources
    My style sources honestly change daily! But my biggest inspiration comes from my customers. Seriously! I love to see the personal touch customers add to their vintage pieces, and that moves me to do certain things in my own space.