Vintage American Flag *LARGE* Tea Stained Bunting Set Of 3


Summertime and  Patriotic Holidays are on their way!!! So we hope all you Stealers have had your coffee and are ready to rock-n-roll this morning because last time we offered these crazy cool American Flag Tea-Stained Bunting they SOLD OUT IN A HOUR! So stop reading and add ‘em to your cart while we have some left. Oh and did we mention that they were in Romantic Homes Magazine for June, 2014?


Tons of patriotic holidays are coming:  4th of July, Labor day, Memorial Day... But really who needs a holiday to celebrate our beloved country?


We are giddy with excitement to be able to bring you these Vintage American Flag Buntings made from tea stained fabric for a price that you won't believe AGAIN! Forget plastic, cheap looking decorations. This year on 4th of July, opt for traditional vintage inspired American Flag patriotic buntings. These tea stained fabric (YES, tea stained) beauties were designed to resemble the real deal...


We wanted you to be able to declare your patriotic spirit without breaking the bank and without resorting to plastic and vinyl decorations! Use these to decorate your patios and porches, windows, doors and more...




  • {Patriotic Inspirations} Vintage American Flag *LARGE* Tea Stained Bunting, Set Of 3
  • Vintage inspired reproduction American Flags
  • Crafted of a cotton poly mix
  • Dimensions - Each: 36" Wide x 19” High
  • Each bunting comes ready to hang with three grommets
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (You will receive THREE *LARGE* Tea Stained Buntings)
  • A maximum quantity of 8 sets (that's 24 buntings) is allowed per customer.
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!