Large Park Hill Willow Candles Pick Your Fragrance


Today we bring you 4 of the most popular signature scents from a VERY famous candle collection. Seriously our source can't keep them in stock! We wish monitors could convey scents so you understand what we are talking about! 


You’ll love these vintage-inspired candles each hand poured in a soy blended paraffin and fragranced with only the finest essential oils available. Made right here in the United States! Over 60 hours of clean burning and a beautiful glass and willow vase to enjoy for years to come.


We just love how these fragrances awaken some VERY special moments for us! These are not the average candles that you could get everywhere. These are made for our vintage and farmhouse lifestyle lovers!


We are offering 4 of the most popular signature scents:

A- Sweet Tea: Light and refreshing fragrance of freshly brewed herbal tea.
B- Gladys' Kitchen: A warm and nostalgic fragrance of Grandma’s baking spices, crisp apples, and vanilla.
C- Lemon Verbena: Sweet lemon scent has revitalizing, uplifting properties.
D- Lavender: Sweet balsamic, floral scent has a balancing effect on the state of mind and emotions. A soothing anti-depressant.


And to make a fantastic deal even better we designed the shipping so you only pay $5 for shipping on this HUGE candles! 


P.S. Check out how JoBeth from JJFinds&Designs has used her sweet tea candle in photo #3 and #5!