Old Sheffield Village Inspired Enamelware Bread Box / English Cottage


After a year LOOOONG wait, and a ton of hard work, we were finally able to grab MORE!! These breadboxes are such great sellers, our wholesaler can't even keep them in stock!


If you LOVE vintage china then you most likely have seen and love enamelware, especially the ones that come from THE Old Sheffield Village! Well, today's deal is not a collectible from Old Sheffield Village but it comes REALLY close! The designers paid a lot of attention when reproducing the original. They brought to life all the details that made these enamelware treasures the special pieces they are. The shapes, the prints, the logo, the color, the black outlined edges...  all speak stories to us! Who can resist these characteristics?

The gorgeous bread box is obviously perfect to stash bread in but it can hide lots of other things too!  Your secret stash (you know, those cookies you don’t want to share with the kids), cooking magazines & recipes or even medicine bottles.  Honestly, this baby is way prettier than most of the things you could stash in it. ;)

This deal is out of this world, REALLY! The beautiful vintage cream color, the stamp that could only be found on the original, the story this piece tells, the VERY high quality and the million uses.  Sigh.  We fell in love the minute we saw it and we couldn’t resist bringing it to you.