*HUGE* 30in Tall Reclaimed Wooden General Store Bin


Back for those who missed it!!!

Hello, hello!!! Look what we brought home today!! These wooden bins were designed after the late 1800s display and storage bins. The ones merchants used to use at their local general stores to store and display their produce or other products! If you have been with us for a while, you probably know by now our deep love for FOUND items! Although this is NOT really vintage but man, does it come real close?!! 


Standing TALL at 30 inches (Yep! as in THREE ZERO!), this bin is a vintage reproduction made with reclaimed wood and distressed metal straps to resemble the real deal! It would make a lovely umbrella stand in the entryway, a space to store bolts of fabrics in a craft space, or a farmhouse-style recycle bin! You could also put a decorative spin to it and transform it into a display of lavender bundles! It would also be a cozy way to fluff up a guest room by filling this bin with extra pillows and blankets! They’ll feel right at [farm]home :D and of course, you will too! Lastly, just picture the impact one of these (or maybe a couple lined up) on an empty wall in a kitchen to add some extra storage or in a bathroom for some towels! Just saying :)


At this price and with this many possibilities, you won’t want to miss out!




  • *HUGE* 30in Tall Reclaimed Wooden General Store Bin | Farmhouse Vintage
  • Crafted from reclaimed wood and metal straps and finished to perfection.
  • Flat back - lays flat on vertical surfaces.
  • Vintage inspired reproduction
  • Dimensions: 16" Wide x 10" Deep X 30" High.
  • Packed: One Set Package (you will receive one Tall Reclaimed Wooden General Store Bin)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse in 15 business days