Ruffled Feedsack Chair Cover


SOOOOO excited we were able to bring these beauties back! Last time we offered these we couldn't believe how quickly they went!! These handmade ruffled cream chair covers are one of our(and YOUR) most loved and favorite deals, so hurry and grab some while they last!! :)


You know how we love challenges around here, right? Well, we have been on the lookout for ruffled feedsack chair covers for quite a while. These babies (when you find them) are SUPER expensive and most of the time made of cheap fabrics and the craftsmanship is NOT there (as in NOT AT ALL)! Well, this all changes today... Our ruffled feedsack covers are custom made for you HERE in the United States by some of the most experienced seamstresses AND from beautifully rich-in-texture feedsack inspired 100% cotton material! 


A lot of love, thought and patience went into designing these "Decor Steals" exclusive covers... Both the makers and us wanted something special, graceful and elegant... We meticulously altered skirt length, pleats width and number, ties size and material until we were super happy with this chic structured outcome... We were careful not to end up with something droopy, tired or dated looking.


The big issue is that it is SUPER expensive!!! But you know us, that fact just made us try even harder!  Today is the day we can announce another BIG WIN for all you faithful stealers! Yep! Wait for it: custom made, 100% cotton, designed and tailored in the US …. for $19.99!!!   It’s almost too good to be true!  Just saying...


PS: Check out how our friend, @rustndruffles is using her ruffle chair covers in photo #2, in photo #3, and Megan Wadsack in photo #4 :)