Farmhouse Wooden Tray Set of 3


This deal is just PERFECT! Whether you’re looking for amazing organizational tools or a home for your beautiful herb/flowers, this is your answer! You can imagine our wonder when we first laid eyes on these...sign. Some pieces are just that precious.


These farmhouse wooden trays resemble something you might find at a small town flea market on a warm Spring day. We picture these lined up filled with a gorgeous arrangement of colorful fresh produce. We can already imagine the fresh scents and lovely farmhouse charm just by looking at this piece!


Besides the farmhouse charm, we couldn’t be more excited about the AMAZING uses for these beauties! Use them on your coffee table, as an ottoman tray, on your bed (for breakfast in bed), serving drinks and food at parties, as center pieces showcasing your freshest apples or lovely smelling herbs, hang them on the wall as a new take on wall art, add them to your decorative vignettes to bring yours space to life!


Today is your chance to get your hands on a breathtaking and functional piece without breaking the bank!