*Large* Vintage Iron Tulip Crate


Get ready, here comes the second FOUND object in our event!! We are truly in love with FOUND pieces AND we cannot get enough! Their imperfections and patina come with history, a history that came with experiences, a life once lived and passed down from one hand to another.

These heavy (7 pounds EACH, that is!!) crates come to us from the Netherlands, where they played an intricate role in the tulip growing process and were used to store and keep air flow to the bulbs many MANY years ago!


These iron crates come with two sturdy handles that can be tucked away for stacking. In fact these iron beauties stack perfectly to give more space saving storage. They could show wear, discoloring, rust, scratches, age, dents, timeworn marks, dust! All due to usage and old age…


These vintage iron tulip crates are perfect for forcing bulbs or as a garden basket, great as mail and office organizers, beautiful center pieces, magazine storage, dishes and utensils for parties, stacked to make unique side tables or we can see a few stacked under an open kitchen island to store produce or serveware... Be creative!