Embossed Metal Grocery Sign


Everyone STOP what you are doing because the Grocery Sign is back and will NOT last long!! Hurry and add this to your cart before they disappear!! Sigh...This HUGE sign is designer replicated and has been making appearances in home decorating shows everywhere!!


There’s NOTHING like the charm of a local grocery store in a small cozy town. Nothing like the unique fresh produce captivating every aisle and the inviting aromas of locally fresh baked goods. It’s that enticing whiff of traditional goods from the town grocery that creates a warm feeling in our hearts and finds a special spot in our memories. Not to mention, a yummy spot in our bellies LOL! That's why we simply can’t get enough of this farmhouse style grocery sign!


We just LOVE this sign because it conveys so much hometown charm and character that any space simply can’t live without! The off white background contrasts the black bold block letterings perfectly and truly makes for a welcoming home feel!


Who doesn’t like a fun accent piece...but for that price, we’d have to say it’s more like LOVE!! We've found it selling for almost $100!! OH and this enormous sign still ships at $5. We know, we were shocked as well!! :)




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