*HUUUGE* Embossed Metal Antique Sign


Walking through a flea market on a summer's morning, breathing in the fresh air and trying to spot those exquisite antique treasures is what this steal is all about. This antique sign reminds us of the treasure hunt and thrilling quality that gliding through an antique market offers us. Distressed in design and unique in style, this vintage sign offers so much grace to any décor.


This HUUUGE sign is designer replicated and has been making appearances in home decorating shows everywhere!! We just LOVE this sign because it conveys so much hometown charm and character that any space simply can’t live without! The black background contrasts the white bold block letterings perfectly and truly makes for a welcoming home feel!


Who doesn’t like a fun accent piece...but for that price, we’d have to say it’s more like LOVE!! OH and this enormous sign still ships at $5, we know we were shocked as well!! :)


Check out how ours friends are using their signs: @ourcottonfarmhouse (photo #2), @nellyfriedel (photo #3- left side) and @thisrusticcottage (photo #3 - right side)