Found Antique Wrought Iron Panel Railing


Today's deal is one for the books! These AHHmazingly unique and LARGE antique iron panels come straight from the balconies of the most beautiful French Colonial style homes in Egypt. They date back to the early 1900s and we are seriously in LOVE!


This steal is the definition of GORGEOUS! Our French ornate iron panel is breathtaking and the details are filled with so much history and hard work! This is a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on these beautiful and hard to find pieces! These amazing iron panels could show wear, discoloring, rust, scratches, age, dents, timeworn marks, dust! All due to usage and old age…


Challenge yourself with this LARGE iron panel and get creative with it! Hang it up or simply lean it just about anywhere. Place it next your mantel or brighten a dark corner. Prop it behind some planters and really showcase your green thumb! Hang a boxwood wreath on it to add dimension and texture.   Line up a few of them to make a statement or hide an ugly wall!   


Oh and did we mention that SUPER cool price?! Yep, that's right you get your very own authentic(and LARGE) piece of history for that low cost :)


PS: Check out how our friend @melanieliisa is using her iron panels in photo #4 :)