Rustic Wall Mounted Shelves Set of 2


Yes, yes, YES! Last time we brought you these shelves back in February they sold out in ONE HOUR! And we have been scrambling ever since to bring the back!! Hurry and add to cart because these will go FAST!!

Around here we believe that your home should be filled with elements of your personality and pieces that truly speak from your heart. These rustic wall shelves are just dripping with character as unique as yours. 


Whether you are drawn to the vintage wood top or the distressed metal these wall shelves will become a perfect match for just about any style home decor! These seemingly old shelves are classic beauties that will look stunning lined with photos, old books, statues, flowers, plants, or even all of the above! Or try mounting these wall shelves in your bathroom to create more space. They are the perfect spot for rolled hand towels or other bathroom essentials. 


Oh and can we talk about that price?! AND that is for TWO shelves! Yep, we are pretty excited too :)




P.S. Check out how our friends are using their shelves: @norateele (photo #1) and @sweetpsdecor (photo #2)