Wall Mount Storage Rack


Oo la la!  We loooove this steal!  This is the kind of piece that we are always keeping our eye out for! Industrial charm, cool design and functionality all in one. We absolutely LOVE how there is so much space for storage as well as a label on each bin to keep you organized! 


They are just the perfect size to go on any of your walls! They are TRULY functional and can be used almost anywhere in your house:


-In the kitchen for recipe cards, utensils and cooking books.
-In the powder room for supplies and magazines.
-In the kids' room for their story books and note pads.
-In the foyer for mail.
-In the living room for cards and notes.
-In the bedroom for the easy reads before bed or in the office and/or crafts room for your favorite books and pads or nooks and iPads :o)


We have worked really hard to bring this amazing metal file storage to you for a low price!