*HUGE* Rustic Wood and Metal Wall Clock


Whoo-Hoo! We are SOOO excited about today's HUGE deal, we don't know where to start! The first time we offered it these were flying off the shelves and sold out in ONE HOUR! We were shocked! So don't waste ANY time! If YOU KNOW you need this piece, add it to your cart quickly before they're all gone.!


This vintage-inspired 39" tall clock (YUP, really TALL and dramatic) is beyond pretty! So today is your chance to enjoy this industrial vintage beauty at our CRAZY good price! And as always, no matter what the size is, shipping is ALWAYS $5!


Let’s recharge the Urban Industrial look in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office...Oh and did we mention that price?! We found this exact beauty at other sites for $150, not including shipping!!! We know it gets us super excited too!! :)


PS: Check out how our wonderful Instagram friends are using their clocks, @thewoodenriverhome (photo #1), @acleanprismlife in photo #2, @tinyfarmhousetouches (Photo #3), @pinecountrycottage (Photo #4),  @organizedmamas and @thebarrettchronicles (Photo #5) @tanya.clark.home in photo #6 (left side),and @angi7230 in photo #7, @th_little_farmhouse and @craftmeup_decor in photo #8, @tinyfarmhousetouches and @acleanprismlife in photo #9!