Vintage Petite Display Case


Boy, oh boy...  This French display case gave us tingles when we first saw it. We’ve said it a couple of times, but we---the milk/chalk paint advocates, furniture refinishers, and thrift store scroungers--- just ADORE chippy painted beauties. We see personality, character and history where others see old and used!  :)


Reminiscent of the cabinets once used in apothecary shops around the turn of the 20th century throughout Europe, our chippy painted Cabinet comes complete with the an aged paint finish and glass door.


Hang it on the wall or place it on a counter top in your bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, living room or foyer... It will look GORGEOUS! ~Sigh


PS: Check out how our friend @slcook52 is using her display case in photo #1 :)