Distressed Wood Wall Door Panel Set of 2


Chances are you have seen (& dreamed of owning) one of these AHHmazing door wall panels! This door panel is a beautifully designed architectural piece that excudes a farmhouse feel that will radiate throughout any space. 


Place this panel anywhere needing an extra shabby chic charm. Which lets be honest....that’s EVERYWHERE LOL! Place one in your bathroom, bedroom, foyer, entryway, above your mantle space, in your dining room, and basically anywhere. Use the two towel racks on the bottom half to hang towels, blankets, etc :)


With so much character and the perfect size, this panel seems like it would cost a fortune. Well, we’re here to make your day even brighter by bringing this to you at a price that will have you grinning from ear to ear! Not to mention this HUGE piece still ships for $5...so amazing :)


PS: Check out how our lovely instagrammers are using their wall panels: @ourhumblenest , @ourcottonfarmhouse, Bath Powers Maranto @andrea_lambert and @sweet.embellished.life