*HUGE* Paddle Chalkboards, Set Of 2 / DIY Farmhouse


If we had a dollar for every time someone requested us to bring these paddle chalkboards back... - LOL!!! Finally, we were able to get these Huge chalkboards again... We sold out quickly every time we’ve offered them.  We are tickled pink to bring you more :)

Could this be any better? Seriously??? Today’s steal has it all: The rustic beauty, the high usability, the BEST price AND the H-U-G-E HUGE size!

We just LOVE this steal… Line up these Paddle Shaped Chalkboards on a wall for a new take on wall art. Or just leave one on someone’s bed or desk to leave a quick note with an artful touch.  Oh and don’t forget to always have one handy in the kitchen or your office for a quick note to self :o)

Make sure to browse all the images above! @ellany.crowe in photo #2, @pinkribboncottage in photo #3, @jaerae_co in photo #4, @26thstrettnest in photo #5, @my_suburban_farmhouse in photo #6, @jacquelineyellowbee in photo #7, Whipper Berry in photos #8-9, @yourpalmalx and @ourtealfauxfarmhouse in photo #10, @26thstreetnest in photo #11-12, @jaerae_co in photo #13, @mylittlekatecod and @sawdust.and.paper.co in photo #14, @truemanstreasures and @theafdemfarmhouse in photo #15


We also put together a Pinterest Board for you to see all the cool projects you can do with these:

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