LARGE Galvanized Cubby Wall Unit / Industrial Farmhouse


Hey all you DIY lovers and vintage stealers! You’re going to go GA-GA over this Galvanized Wall Unit! We know you will adore the shabby blank canvas this cubby has to offer and how many possibilities it holds. It was love at first sight for us and we couldn’t hold these back from you a second longer!


Inspired by cubbies used to organize room keys in old hotels, this piece not only has history but also has ENDLESS possibilities! Just imagine each cubby filled with souvenirs, sewing, bathroom or office supplies, ribbons or small jars of craft goodies or just all those small trinkets you've been collecting over the years :) We just LOVE how these storage cubbies are the perfect way to turn an empty wall space into a work of art or an organization central.


We know what you’re thinking...with so many incredible possibilities this piece has to cost a fortune. Well, get ready to fall even more in love because we’re bringing these to you at an unbelievable price!!