Antique White Chargers Set of 4


Woo-Hooo!!! We are giddy with excitement about today's steal! Last time we sold these, they went flying off the shelves!!! We know the struggles of finding beautiful chargers at a good price, so when we saw these we just had to bring them to you! We are so proud of the unbeatable price we are selling them at, basically FOUR for the price of two!


Now a days, it is close to impossible to find chargers with a french farmhouse appeal. They tend to be modern or metallic, so these vintage inspired ones were a match made in heaven! They are sure to add extra charm to any setting!


This set of FOUR vintage inspired antiqued chargers are so full of details and character, they render us speechless… 


Use them for any type of dinner party or gathering! Or use them to serve all your appetizers or desserts! Keep them out year round to hold fruit and veggies or maybe bathroom supplies on the bathroom counter! These pieces are so gorgeous you could even hang them on the wall!!


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