HUGE Vintage Orb Chandelier


Yes! Yes! Yes! We are SUPER excited, too! We have another beautiful orb chandelier joining our decor family here at Decor Steals! We just adore the design and the AMAZING distressed finish and we KNOW you will, too!


Something about this piece really makes us feel as if we are sitting down at our great grandmother's house for dinner. It's probably because its rustic charm and vintage features seem so natural!


Our Vintage Orb Chandelier will create a soft romantic glow in your home and that's WITHOUT actually turning it on! LOL. Brighten up your home by hanging it above your dining room table OR kitchen island. Create a relaxing ambiance and hang it in your reading nook or turn it into more of a glamour piece by hanging it above your vanity. Illuminate your entry way with our chandelier and it will DEFINITELY be a show stopper! Guests will stop in their tracks just admiring the beauty of this piece!!