Vintage Square Wire Basket With Wooden Handle


YES!!!! We are THRILLED to have more of these Vintage Wire Egg Baskets! Just a bit of a different style but the same ole' country feel! These baskets were designed to resemble old wire baskets used to collect chicken eggs on farms throughout the U.S., so the vintage charm just ILLUMINATES off of these beauties!


We LOVE how versatile these baskets are! Just imagine how charming these would be in your garden with some freshly planted herbs or Daffodils? Use them to hold a VARIETY of kitchen items (all those collectible corks, fresh fruits and veggies, tea towels, measuring cups, and utensils) OR place it in your bathroom to store scented soaps and wash clothes. Place one in your office or laundry room just for that little bit of extra storage for odds and ends!


The options are ENDLESS with these beauties!! 




Check out how our friends @mandyblaircrider and Monika Melsha are using theirs in photos #2-3!