Blue & White Ceramic Bowls Set of 2


We have a new style here at Decor Steals that we have just ABSOLUTELY fallen head over heels in LOVE with! It's safe to say we are OBSESSED with our new Blue & White Ceramic Bowls!


Our bowls are inspired and crafted to resemble delftware found throughout the Netherlands during the 16th century. The bright blue accent from these bowls will be sure to add a fresh new take on your home decor!


These sweet beauties would look lovely sitting on your vanity with your assorted jewelry in them. Create a new center piece for your dining room by cutting the stems off some roses and allowing them to float in one of the bowls (be sure to fill it up with water) you can even put it on your coffee table too! Fill them up with polypore and create a fresh scent and new style in your bathroom! The options are truly ENDLESS with these bowls because of their different sizes and beautiful accent color!