Stackable Nesting Table Shelves Set of 4


Here at Decor Steals we are ALWAYS searching, designing, and creating pieces and ideas that will transform your home! We KNOW how difficult it can be to find something that adds to your home decor WITHOUT adding to the mess! Which is why when we saw the versatility of this piece, we KNEW we had to get it for you!


Our Stackable Nesting Table Shelves act as a 2 in 1! I KNOW!! Can you imagine having a piece of home decor so versatile!? We couldn't either until TODAY!


You can use this piece as shelves by stacking them on top of each other (It would look AMAZING against an empty wall filled with intricate detail like magazines, flowers, candles, and books!) Depending on how you nest them, you can make them one table or two tables! Put them beside your bed or next to your couch!


OH and can you believe the shipping on these LARGE pieces is still ONLY $5!! We were shocked, too!!