Metal Clover Wall Mirror


Happy morning, friends!! There is nothing more we love here at Decor Steals than fun decorative wall pieces. Which is EXACTLY why we ADORE this Metal Clover Wall Mirror! It's just such a sweet piece that really will brighten and bring charm to ANY room!


Clover wall mirrors are SO popular right now! So, of course, we are bringing the hottest trends right to your fingertips! Hang it above your mantle, place it in your entryway , dining room, OR office and it's silver finish will brighten even the darkest of corners in your home!


This piece has so much charm and is the PERFECT size mirror to put in any room. Clover mirrors cost SO much right now, it's insane! That's why we're so so so EXCITED to make your day even brighter by bringing these to you at a price that will have you grinning from ear to ear! Not to mention this piece still ships for ONLY $5!!!